Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally there are allot of questions that spring to mind when thinking about a new website. We’ve tried to save you some time by answering some of them on this page.

Do we need to meet?

We always love to put a name to a face. If you are local, feel free to pop into our office for a coffee and a chat about your project.

Do we offer training and support?

We offer a support package which will help you if you get stuck. We do not offer any formal training, however, the platforms we use are very easy to grasp even for the more novice users. Our platforms are all very well supported so there will never be a scenario when you cant get help.

Who adds the content and products to my website?

We will build up the pages and add your content which were agreed in the contract. As for products, we do not add them to there website unless specified in the contract. There is an additional cost for adding products.

Can you take content and products from my existing website?

Depending on what platform is is based on, we should be able to export the content and products. We will need access to the website CMS to do this and there will be an additional cost.

Do you use templates or design from scratch?

Our websites are built from scratch whilst being based on a contents management system (CMS). This allows the website administrator the ability to control the content on their own website.

Ready to start a new website project?

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